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Pylon/Ground Signs

Appearance is everything, especially when it comes to your business. Before anyone walks through the doors to your establishment, they see the outside of your building. This includes any signage you may have. When you think about it, business signs are a calling card to the community, and it makes sense that people will come to associate your logo with your wares or services. Your choice in sign design is what helps set you apart from other companies, no matter which industry you work in, or how many businesses line the street.

Being able to market your establishment effectively can be a challenge for any company regardless of the size or the location. Our custom engraved signs in Brampton, ON, help make the most of every advertising dollar, which is essential in this endeavour. One of the most cost effective ways to promote and advertise your business is with the use of building signage.

Signs That Make Your Building Stand Out

There are many types of signs that can “call out” to potential new customers. Channel letters illuminated with bright L.E.D. lighting is a highly effective way to attract potential business. The shaped look lends itself well to most if not all corporate branding. Awnings and canopies are another excellent option when considering building signs. It adds a refined and established look, as well as providing protection from the elements for your clientele.

Each of our engraved signs can be done in a variety of finishes, as well as materials such as metal, glass, and plastic. If you are a smaller establishment that shares space on a floor in an office building, we can also help you establish your brand with one of our plaques for your door. Whatever signage your business needs, we can do it.

Illuminated Sign Boxes

Illuminated sign boxes are a classic, and familiar type of building sign, which can add a lot of impact on your business. Dimensional letters and logos can be done in a very cost-efficient way to add a colourful, and striking accent to any exterior or interior wall.

Finally, Pylon custom signs or monument signs can really boost as businesses potential revenue. Custom signs of this nature attract a lot of attention, cars and pedestrians alike will be viewing your business signs. For multi-business complexes, this is a great choice since it allows any changes in tenants to be adjusted promptly.

Make a Lasting Impression

You can’t go wrong when increasing the aesthetics of your establishment, especially if it is something that leaves a lasting impression with returning and potential customers. We are proud to offer you a service that will help you get noticed.

We manufacture, install and service custom engraved signs for buildings, in-house to exacting standards with materials and practices that will ensure your business sign, will attract the maximum amount of attention for its lifetime.

Contact us today to make your business stand out with premium signs. We proudly serve Brampton, ON, and surrounding areas.

Custom Building Sign Demos

Interior Dimensional Sign Pylon/Ground Sign Pylon Sign with LED Display
Halo Lit Channel Letter Sign Pylon/Ground Sign Channel Letter Sign
Channel Letter Sign Channel Letter Sign Ground Sign
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